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Information and frequently asked questions

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1. What Size Skip Do I Need?

Skip sizes are described in cubic metre (m³) dimensions. See our skip sizes for lineal metre dimensions of the height, length and width of each of the m³ sizes. The type of waste and how much you have, will impact on the size skip you will need.

2. How can I estimate what size skip bin is required?

To estimate the size of skip bin you need, work out your volume like this:

Length x Width x Height
= 1.8m x 1.6m x 1.3m
= approx. 3.7m
Choose a 4 cubic metre bin

3. Do your skip bins have drop down doors?

Some of our 2m, 3m, 4m, 6m and 9m bins have a drop down door for easy walk-in access or wheelbarrow access. They are not standard with every bin but please request a door when ordering. There is NO extra charge for bins with a drop down door.

4. Am I locked in to the confirmed delivery and collection dates?

We have a large range of skip bins so Adelaide Pink Skips have the flexibility to make last minute adjustments. Call us to amend any delivery or collection details. For up to 4 days, negotiable rates are available for longer periods.

5. Will I need council approval to leave it in the street or on the footpath?

This varies from council to council. It is advisable to check first. Outside your property there are certain legal responsibilities to be considered – insurance, lights at night, warning barriers etc.

6. Can I move the skip bin?

NO! Once placed the bin cannot be moved, if moved when it is empty once filled you will not be able to move it back and the truck may not be able to get to it to pick it up again. Any damaged done to the bin or property will be paid for by the hirer.

7. How should I load the bin?

Green waste: Cut into smaller pieces and place any larger heavier pieces on top to compact load down.
Soil, rubble, bricks: This material should not go above the top of the bin.
General waste: Break down to utilise space efficiently, and once again light waste on the bottom and heavier waste on the top to compact down.
Please remember that before we can transport any loads, they must be made safe. Our drivers can advise you should you have any questions.
For a larger project, speak to our sales consultants about the cost benefits of sorting your loads.

8. To what level can I fill the skip bin?

Our skip bins can Only be filled up to the top rail, but there must not be any materials protruding over the top of the skip. Overloaded bins are dangerous and create Occupational Health and Safety concerns for Budget Mini Bins employees and the general public. We must comply with LTSA and OSH rules and regulations.

9. What can't I put in the skip bin?

Basically anything that is dangerous or hazardous or requires a permit to move. We do not transport, restricted, regulated, hazardous or toxic waste. This includes but is not limited to :

  • Asbestos or anything containing Asbestos
  • Cement Fibre Sheeting Products
  • Batteries
  • Tyres
  • Liquids such as Oil, Paint, Thinners.
  • Herbicides & pesticides
  • Medical Waste
  • Explosives & Gas Cylinders
  • Mattresses can be placed on top of your skip or bin for a small extra charge
10. What if I choose to put to heavier items in the skip bin and it exceeds a weight limit?

Its always wise to let us know what rubbish is getting put in so we can document it and we will advise you on the preferred bin to use. If it exceeds the weight limit we will charge you extra for the time it takes us to put it into the right bin ( Concrete, Bricks, Dirt or heavy steel only in 2m to 4m skip bin )

11. What should I do about asbestos?

Asbestos removal is a specialized area, you need to get in contact with a licensed removalist for all legal requirements.

12. How much room do I need for delivery?

Our trucks are much larger than your car so please consider the following:

  • Your site needs to be clean & level for safe delivery, placement & bin retrieval.
  • The truck is 2.3 metres wide plus the mirrors are 50 cm additional each side – we need a minimum of 3.3 metres if we need to reverse to place your bin.
  • The driver also needs to open his door to get out – if you have low walls or hedges etc. take this into consideration.
  • Look up – how much clearance from trees, eaves, power lines etc. is there? We need 6 metres minimum & 8 metres if power lines are present to comply with SA Worksafe legislation (The law).
  • The driver requires 1 metre of clear unobstructed access around the bin to prevent injury, slips, trips or falls to do his job – this is your worksite you have asked us to enter – you are required under SA Worksafe legislation to provide a safe work site & comply with all relevant OH&S legislation applicable.
  • Lastly you have arranged for the delivery of the bin, to avoid additional fee charges such as “wasted journey” or “waiting time” please ensure access is available on both the delivery & pick up day.
13. How much notice is needed to hire a skip bin?

Adelaide Pink Skips guarantees a 24 hour delivery turnaround – order today and the skip can be delivered tomorrow. If you request a bin before 10am and we are either delivering one or picking one up in your area there is a good chance we can deliver one to you the same day.

14. How do I book and pay for a skip bin?

To order a Pink Skip, Phone the office and provide all of your details, clear the area you want the skip bin placed, Don’t forget the truck has to reverse up to drop the bin off. Payment, Adelaide Pink Skips accepts payment with all major credit cards, we also accept cash on delivery. If you prefer cash on delivery, ensure someone will be home to pay for the delivery on the day. No payment, No bin.